60th Anniversary

2023 is Ringette’s time to shine as we celebrate the sport’s 60th anniversary!

Sam Jacks, a recreation director and sports enthusiast from North Bay, Ontario, invented the sport in 1963. Since that time, the sport has continued to grow in Canada with over 33,000 registered players on nearly 2000 teams, 8000+ coaches and 1700+ officials across the country.

The sport has also grown internationally with Ringette actively played in Finland, Sweden, Czechia, France, and the United States. The sport also continues to be introduced throughout the world reaching countries including Japan, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, and South Korea.

We invite you to take a look back through Ringette’s 60 years of history with our detailed timeline document and some other interesting history links:

Links to the countries taking part in the 2023 WRCs: